Locks of love

If there’s one part of me I wish would never change, it would be my hair. I dread the day I discover my first gray.

I take pride in my hair. I twirl it, comb my fingers through it, smell it, braid it, and brush it constantly. I hate putting it back in a ponytail (like it is now) all day because I can’t get the full effect of this mass of tresses. My hair is exactly 19″ in length. It grows like grass in the summertime. Every time I see my mom, she asks me if I’ve been eating fertilizer. Nope, I just eat a Flintstone vitamin once a day. Oh, and I do the Herbal.

According to the salon I used to go to when I was all into the highlighting and dyeing kick, my hair is a mixture of espresso and auburn. I’m so over coloring my hair. I have made a vow to myself that I won’t dye it until that aforementioned dreaded day. I used to hate my hair (I secretly wanted to be blonde). Sometimes I still do hate it because there is an awkward kink in it from elastic ties and it never falls the same way. However, I have grown to embrace it. Its rich color and unattainable length are what I love most about it. My hair says a lot about me, and I can’t go anywhere without my friends commenting on its length. Yes, I’m well aware my hair is freaking long. No, I don’t have split ends… not anything noticeable at least.

Back in high school, my hair was even longer than it is now. When I cheered, my ponytail would sweep the floor as I flipped and flipped and flipped across the basketball court. When I would be sitting in class and a hair would land on my desk, I would be so enthralled by the strand and become distracted. One day, my AP English teacher caught me playing with a string of hair and called me “Cearapunzel.” The name stuck. And I didn’t mind it one bit.

I always hear girls complain about their hair: split ends, bleach gone wrong, bad perm, frizz, dullness, lifelessness, weird part, awkward hairline, dark roots, or crappy pampering products. Have no fear, chicas! There are lots of miracle products out there that can save your mane. Quick Tip: I usually venture to Sephora or Sally Beauty Supply for my favorite products, but drugstores and wholesalers carry a lot of awesome stuff, too.

And now… Hair products Ceara swears by:

Herbal Essences None of Your Frizziness Leave-In Conditioner
Smells fresh, never sticky or greasy, a quarter size dollop (even for my length of hair) goes a long way. I use this every single day. I’m thinking about stocking up on this magic potion in case they discontinue it, which I hope never happens!
Redken Satinwear 02 Ultimate Blow-Dry Lotion
My recently discovered savior. My mom would freak out when I would blow dry my hair with no protective lotion… I learned quickly that it makes a world of a difference when I actually use something to protect the follicle. Leaves my hair schilky-schmooth all day long.
TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo
Sometimes when I’m in a time crunch and don’t have time to wash my hair, I lather this wonder foam throughout my hair and PRESTO! Insta-soft-hair-sans-H2O.

I’m always willing to try new products, but I do some research before and ALWAYS read the back of the bottle.

Ladies (and gents), you’re not going to have your hair forever. Grow it long and be proud of it! Actually guys, for Pete’s sake, shags are so 2000-and-late.

“The hair is the richest ornament of women.” – Martin Luther

  1. Good tips for the hair products! I have long hair too. I do need to take extra care to make it look pretty! Nice Post.

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